A Step by Step Guide to Hire the Right Painting Contractor

 It is highly likely one day you will need the services of a professional painting contractor to help with your home's painting needs.   Working with the best service provider ensures you have a durable and safe paint job that stands the test of time.   But do you know what defines the best painting contractor? You start by calling at least three to five different painting contractors. Get the references and recommendations from family and friends about their preferred service providers and then create a shortlist. 

Step two would be to schedule an initial meeting with at least three of the service providers and preferably have the meeting take place in your home.  This will give them an opportunity to walk through, assess the condition and give a realistic estimate of what needs to be done.   Always keep in mind a realistic and more accurate estimate takes more than a simple walk-around your home. 

 Never hesitate to air your expectations based on the task at hand. There is a lot that determines how much you end up paying for a painting project and of course the quality of work to expect.  It is important to tell your contractor all that you need so they can factor that in when giving you an estimate.  Speaking of estimates, it is important that each painting contractor provides a written estimate.   Look out for a detailed description of the cost of labor and materials, model and brand of painting supplies, what amount of prep work is needed and the layers of primer and coat to expect.  Here is more info about  Image Line Painting.

 The next step is about verifying their competence, skill, and experience by asking for, and contacting their past clients.   Better yet is if you can spare some time and visit one of their old painting projects that have been there for a couple of years.  This way, you get to experience firsthand how durable, or not, their painting work is after a couple of years.  You might also want to know the skill and competence of their current crews by visiting a recently completed painting project.  Visit this  site  to learn more.

 Last but not least, it is important that you consider the credentials of a painting contractor.  Just because they are a member of a local or trade business group does not guarantee quality work.  But then again that shows a very high level of commitment and reliability on the part of the service provider.  While at it, you might want to verify the service provider has the necessary license and valid certification for their trade.   Read more here : https://www.ehow.com/how_7932547_paint-commercial-buildings.html.